Chart: U S. Dominates Indian IT Outsourcing

You won’t be able to control the work environment, for instance, because it’s not your office. However, you can easily reduce these risks by going over the details of the job and setting clear expectations. Outsourcing to India means managing your expectations in terms of what laws they must abide by.

  • Another model of offshoring is when a company joins hands with a third-party offshore company.
  • Finally, you’ll catch a glimpse into how to outsource work to India once you’re ready to give it a try.
  • Every year, India’s colleges and institutions produce millions of graduates.
  • Whether you need to hire a Laravel developer, Flutter app developer or Python developer, you can easily find an IT professional with the desired expertise from India.
  • In fact, Kearney’s 2021 index introduced a digital resonance metric to score countries on their digital skills.

When outsourcing, you might lack the assurance of how your service provider handles your data, which risks your data security. Companies from developed nations offshore parts of their business processes to India as they are able to majorly cut costs. The growing market, combined with challenger nations that are keen to get their share, does mean that not everything is going India’s way.

Customer Support Services

These are high-end services for which you need to understand the nature of business and process large volumes of information. As establishing this in-house requires lots of time and other resources, it’s best to outsource it to Indian service providers. India is one of the few countries in the world that have massive technology infrastructure for serving overseas industries. India is known for tech savvy, exposure to western culture and the English language, and low cost of living.

  • There is unlimited talent in the country, which means you can find experts in no time for your project.
  • It’s like a “thank you” note for contributing to the digital revolution and global business strategy.
  • And there are few countries that are better placed to meet the growth in demand than India.
  • Indian developers are not just coders; they’re skillful at managing the entire lifecycle of a project with a level of professionalism in both management and design that complements their technical services.
  • For example, you don’t have to set up any equipment or technology to perform your IT tasks — the service provider will already have it.
  • “In next 1-2 years, offshore development model is going to emerge in a big way because if the person had gone to the US, the firms would have had to pay them higher salaries,” he said.

It has a young population that is eager to accumulate all the skills and deliver the best. It has turned into a magnet for companies looking for a development partner, technology partner, or an IT outsourcing company for any other tech need. Here are some of the stats and numbers that prove India is better than the rest when it comes to software development outsourcing.

Digital Marketing

Thus, this model is ideal for long-term projects with changing requirements. When you consult with an Indian IT firm for your development needs, you’ll come across different types of engagement models to choose from. Outsourcing to India does not come without its own set of challenges faced by companies. Down below is a list of common challenges and how to overcome them to get success with outsourcing to India. Whether you need to hire a Laravel developer, Flutter app developer or Python developer, you can easily find an IT professional with the desired expertise from India. Offshoring is most prevalent in the IT industry due to a shortage of IT professionals in the local market.

Why Do Companies Outsource?

Their bookkeeping services are appropriate for SMBs or non-profit organizations, new companies, and even individuals that need personal help with bookkeeping. They offer smooth, dependable, and affordable services from experienced bookkeepers—bookkeepers that will update your books in real-time. Octopus Tech Solutions is one of India’s fastest emerging BPO companies. Having started their BPO operations in 2017, this company already has grown to cater clients across a wide range of sectors.

Step-by-Step of Outsourcing from USA to India

For the most part, limiting access to data is the best way to ensure data security and confidentiality across the board. Always keep backups, and set up safeguards so you are always in control of your data. The only reason why we all worry about getting scammed overseas is because it’s much harder to prosecute an overseas scammer. Moreover, the reason why countries like India, China and Russia have a bad reputation when it comes to scams is because of numbers – there are many more Indians, Chinese and Russians in the world than other nationalities. Many companies outsource their various web development needs to Indian software development companies. Do you have a great startup app idea that could disrupt the industry you want to tap into?

By hiring a data entry outsourcing firm in India, you’ll save a lot of time and money. However, call centers and customer support centers aren’t the only places where talent lies in India. India also has a high percentage of firms that offer financial services. They know relationships are key and they help keep your customer relationships healthy. As an added bonus, it’s a fraction of the cost to outsource to india as it is to run your own customer support center at home. They recognize how difficult customer acquisition is and do everything in their power to help you with customer retention.

Plaxonic also focuses on maintaining consistency when it comes to offering high quality services. They want you to know you can trust them to do the job you hired them to do. After what are you running away from all, you need to hold the service provider accountable for any delays or issues in the project. Some good project management tools include ClickUp, Wrike, Jira and Workzone.

Business models that continue to focus on low labor costs won’t suffice. A new outsourcing relationship would dawn on the outsourcing realm and give birth to a more evolved form. Earlier, outsourcing relations were based on give-and-take where businesses would buy services of IT outsourcing companies.

RailsCarma has worked on projects spanning multiple industries such as HealthCare, Wellness, Accounting, Hosting & Datacenter, Retail, Ecommerce, ERP systems etc successfully in the past years. RailsCarma provide end to end Ruby on Rails consulting, architecture, building, management and extension to companies around the globe. With a vision that is based on “minimum cost, maximum feasibility”, AlignMinds has been successful in earning the trust of clients across the globe, including North America, Australia, Europe and Africa. With 15+ years-experience under their belt, TrinityWired would be your best reliable choice if you want to develop a quality software at the right price. It’s known for handling IT-enabled services (ITES) for other companies.

App Development Process

But changes in the global market could also give India opportunities, especially if its companies become more innovative and rely less on low labor costs. Those planning to cut costs and get quality development services from experts look for top IT outsourcing companies in India, Malaysia, Poland, Ukraine, and other countries. However, one needs to be aware of all the upcoming and ongoing outsourcing trends to ensure a successful venture.

With their 100% on-time project completion rate at the right prices, they earned the trust of global clients across North America, Europe and Australia. They specialize specifically in data entry, but offer a wide range of data entry services. Since they specialize, you can count on the fact that they know what they are doing. Additionally, you are bound to find someone that possesses the exact expertise you need, and you’ll save money in the process. Data entry experts Connect Center provides are not only specialized in data entry services.

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